Thursday, January 15, 2015

Vote for the 2014 Escapist of the Year!

Who would have thought that Escapist of the Month shiz was leading anywhere!? That's right, all of last year's Escapist of the Month winners - highlighted in our (mostly) monthly Escape Artists posts - are eligible for our prestigious (*snicker*) Escapist of the Year Award! As a refresher, below are our nominees.


Secret Cinema for their Back to the Future screenings. (June)

Sun-Ray Cinema

Sun-Ray Cinema for their screening of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Gunnar Hansen. (July)

French Toast Sunday

French Toast Sunday for various shenanigans. (September & October)

Reservoir Geeks

Reservoir Geeks for "The Lovely Soiree at the Bottlerocket Motel". (November & December)

All of these nominees contributed to the world's collective escapism in a big way last year! It makes me happy knowing these movie mavens and pop culture purveyors are out there. Anyhoo, there's a poll below with all of our nominees and it closes a week from today, January 22, at noon EST. So vote! Tell us who deserves our inaugural Escapist of the Year Award! You'll be doing your community a huge service! 


  1. French Toast Sunday more than deserve this, just for the constant source of coffee break reading they provide me with