Thursday, January 15, 2015

Escape Artists: November & December 2014

Greetings, Hatchlings! Every month we round up all the stories we can find about fun movie events like marathons, special screenings, and conventions and miscellaneous film-life stuff like food and games. Let’s see what went down in the world of escapism and pop culture shenanigans in November and December of 2014!

Hooh boy! This is very late again. Apologies. Would you believe that I had a massive problem at my house that required me to move into a hotel for two weeks? And then I went on a cruise for my 30th birthday where I got a really bad sinus infection and was bed-ridden for a few days? Yeah, it's been a weird couple months. And then the holidays happened!

Anyway, here's a new installment of Escape Artists, complete with an Escapist of the Month(s) which is...

...the Reservoir Geeks! Back in July they held their annual "Lovely Soiree at the Bottlerocket Motel", an event at the hotel featured in Wes Anderson's Bottlerocket that celebrates the director and his films. I finally got a look at the festivities after they recently posted a recap of the event. It looks like it was a blast, complete with a "Wes Dressed" costume contest and a screening of the movie. Check out their site to see photos from the event.

Reservoir Geeks

Other Escapism
  • Wait, we're not done with Wes Anderson! Any interest in going to his proposed theme park? - Wired via Dazed Digital
  • Here's why - in actual (theoretical) scientific terms - only Thor can pick up his hammer. - Wired via the A.V. Club
  • Someone made a Predator themed house and they want you to buy it. - Bloody Disgusting via GeekTyrant
  • Has the mystery of the Hellraiser V/H/S/bustop weirdness been solved? - BBC Radio via Bloody Disgusting
  • The mansion from The Godfather is for sale! - The New York Post via Criterion
  • Who else wants "that" coffee mug from The Cabin in the Woods? - io9 via the A.V. Club
  • There's a Paramount London resort coming, complete with a Star Trek attraction. - Star Trek
  • Ready for more escapist theme park news? Disney's developing a Toy Story themed hotel for Disney Shanghai. - Disney Insider via GeekTyrant
Disney Insider

  • Be the coolest dog owner on LV-426 with an Alien facehugger inspired leash. - Storenvy via Bloody Disgusting
  • Burgers that taste like human flesh? What is The Walking Dead doing to us??? - the A.V. Club
  • Make Worf proud and buy some Klingon Bloodwine! - Time
  • Some LARPers have made their own wizardry school in Poland and it doesn't look like it's infringing on any copyrights or anything. - Rollespils Fabrikken via Popsugar
  • Watch Tony Hawk goof around on a hoverboard (for real this time). - Kickstarter via GeekTyrant 
  • So, while we're on the subject of Back to the Future, I have a very important mission for all you Escape Artists and Hatchlings out there. There's a petition on (via Nerdist) calling for October 21, 2015 to be made National Back to the Future Day! This must happen! Please visit the petition and sign your name. The future is in your hands. In the words of Doc Brown: "Your future is whatever you make it." So make it a good one by making October 21, 205 Back to the Future Day!
Do you go to fun escapist events like movie marathons, festivals, movie-themed parties, or concerts? Are you planning on checking out any fun movie fan destinations? Have you seen any cool pop culture themed games or food anywhere? Let us know in the comments or by emailing us at totheescapehatch(at)gmail(dot)com.

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