Hatch, You Say?

You focus your strength and manage to turn the hatch door – it opens. You hear strangely familiar music and a light burns your eyes. You squint against the brightness, push the door open, and step through.

Welcome! If you’re looking for another blog about music and films well, you’re out of luck. This isn’t just another blog. "How so?" you ask? "Don’t ask too many questions and we’ll get along just fine," we answer. Just know that we’ll be working to bring you news about music and films, movie, song, album, and concert reviews, information on film and music events, and a slew of other shit. Enjoy!

The Hatchers


Loves movies and enjoys a good sandwich. Dreams about being a writer, nightmares about snakes.

Robert's Posts


Shepherd of The Large Association of Movie Blogs and Host of The LAMBcast.

Jay's Posts

Hatchers Emeriti


There are things known and there are things unknown; in between is his ‘stache. Christened the Hatch’s quintessential Wild Card, his tastes were molded from the Vahallic Vaults of Classic Rock and Roll, and he exhausts every effort to abuse that vintage approach in everything he reviews.

Nick's Posts


Painstakingly in search of new music for himself and everyone else. Miller High Life Light is the Champagne of Beers, don't let anyone tell you any different.

Pat's Posts


Music and movie nerd. Sucker for gothic romances with gloomy, windswept moors and dark, tortured heroes. Watches scary movies but sleeps with the lights on. Secretly dreams of starting a revolution against “the man.” The only thing bigger than her boobs is her love of rock ‘n’ roll.

T's Posts


Jorge is a God of Classic Rock...and a very mysterious man.





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