Friday, May 23, 2014

Batch o' Hatch: April 2014

Doc: No, it can't be! I just sent you back to the future!
Marty McFly: Oh, I know you did send me back to the future. But I'm back! I'm back from the future.
Doc: Great Scott!

I'm back! At least, I want to be back. But blogging is hard these days! I don't seem to have as much time anymore, and when I do find the time to write, I'm never satisfied with what I produce. Anyone else feel me?

But I'm soldiering on! I'm taking on co-hosting duties for the LAMBcast! Check out the newest episode below!

My work over at French Toast Sunday continues will continue! We've always got some great content over there. I've got some other projects brewing with some familiar friends as well. And, most importantly, I'm going to double down here on the site, with Favorite Scene Fridays, Escape Artists, reviews and lists flowing freely.

Speaking of, I'm re-purposing Batch o' Hatch! Originally the series served as a sporadic list of links that I found interesting at the time. Now, it's going to chronicle everything we do here on a monthly basis, along with select articles and stories from the past month. Tweets too. So it's not all that different really. Let's begin!

Escape Hatch Recap

Other Stories

I dropped in on the Nerd Lunch Podcast for their first ever "Nerd Lunch Theater". We came up with a really bizarro movie. It's basically an origin story of sorts for Princess Peach (or is it?). But it's so much more than that. Check it out!

Let that burn into your brains. Let it!

April was Darren Aprilofsky over at sister site French Toast Sunday and I managed to contribute one whole article! Check it out!


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  1. First of all, yes - I feel ya. I'm sure I will totally have a bunch of time to catch up on my to-do lists HAHAHAHAHA

    Also, I was delighted to hear about you co-hosting the Lambcast! The was the best news of the week!!!! So excited.