Thursday, May 29, 2014

Escape Artists: April/May 2014

This is still a thing! Let’s look at all the escapist shit planet Earth has been up to!

Past Escapism

Lackey from The Nightmare Gallery and Forced Viewing went to a pretty awesome looking sci-fi spectacular where he was felt up by Doug Jones! Well, don’t quote me on that, just go read for yourself.

Lindsay from French Toast Sunday does a fun feature called "Coffee Break". A little behind the scenes photos from her blogging life, stuff she's into, what have you. Her latest post talks about some cool trips that she and some FTS pals took. Check it out!

French Toast Sunday

Last month, Jeff Bridges himself dropped in at a recent Lebowski Fest. I've yet to go to one, but it's going to happen someday. Read all about the event over at The Guardian right here.

Upcoming Escapism

Sun-Ray Cinema right here in Jacksonville has converted some of their space into some sort of Twin Peaks-themed craziness. It will reportedly factor into their upcoming marathon of the show. I've never seen any of it (I've seen Fire Walk With Me, however), so I'm pretty stoked.

Speaking of Sun-Ray, earlier today they shared this intriguing tidbit in an e-mail newsletter:

"P.S. Now that we are kinda getting our sea legs we are beginning work on THE SLEEPING GIANT. It will be a three day (maybe four) music & film festival hopefully launching in early 2015."

I'm in!

Movies accompanied by an orchestra isn’t a new thing. But my interest is piqued when Star Trek gets in on the action! Nerdist reported last month that Abrams’ two flicks are getting the live orchestra treatment in a few select cities. Read more here.

The fine folks over at The Rushmore Academy are once again hosting their "Lovely Soiree at the Bottle Rocket Motel" on July 26th in Texas. An awesome get together for Wes Anderson fans that, if I'm not mistaken, was spurred on because the motel was facing closure. Which we reported on way back in the day!

Anyone going?

Miscellaneous Escapism

The Hey Dude ranch is out there collecting dust - via The AV Club

So tours of the New Jersey camp from the original Friday the 13th are a thing! But I have bad news - it looks like there won't be one this year due to construction problems. Read more over at

I stumbled across this “Shaun of the Dead” style zombie board game featured on FearNet. What the hell?! Sounds too cool to be true. I wanna play! I wonder how they factor in alcohol.

30 Best Cinemas Around the World: via Total Film

Do you go to fun escapist events like movie marathons, festivals, movie-themed parties, or concerts? Are you planning on checking out any fun movie fan destinations? Let us know in the comments or by emailing us at totheescapehatch(at)gmail(dot)com.

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