Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Escape Artists: March and April 2014

So we’re finally rolling out our “Escape Artists” series, something I’ve been meaning to focus on for a long time. What in the holy hell is this about, you may ask? Well, we’re highlighting escapist people and events, whether they're here in Jacksonville or elsewhere. So check out the report below - and don't forget to submit your own escapism in the comments or to totheescapehatch(at)gmail(dot)com!

Past Escapism

Nerd Lunch Meetup

A few weeks back the nerds from Nerd Lunch met up with the Cult Film Club in Atlanta and a nerdy, culty time was had by all. Visit to the World of Coke? Check. Chowed down on tasty looking food? Check. Read more here. You can also listen to the podcast they recorded here.

Nerd Lunch

True Detective Going Away Party

EH Team member Nick is moving to Carcosa North Carolina and we threw him and his bride a True Detective themed going away party. Why? Fugifweknow. Check out the pics below!

Made by hand by Matthew McConaughey himself.

Please join me in the storage shed.

Cake got kind of messed up...
"Black stars..."

I wish I could tell you we bought Big Hug Mugs for all of the guests.

Upcoming Escapism

Record Store Day

Record Store Day is once again upon us. Will you be venturing out to find a limited edition Ghostbusters LP? If you’re here in Jacksonville you may find some of us perusing the vinyl at Deep Search Records in Riverside. Check out their site here.


Deep Search Records

Miscellaneous Escapism

  • 6 Famous Movies You Can Walk Around In Right Now - via Cracked
  • The Winchester Mystery House is Now Accepting Guests - via Nerdist
  • CBS Announces The First Official "Star Trek" Beer - via The Hollywood Reporter
  • Speaking of beer - Walking Dead Beer with Actual (???) Brains - via NY Daily News

  • Rolling Road Show Screening of Hot Rod

  • American Theaters are Going to Start Using 4D Tech - via JoBlo
  • Zombie Donut Food Truck - via Bloody Disgusting
  • RDJ Had a Captain America Birthday Party - via Geek Tyrant

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