Friday, May 26, 2017

Favorite Scene Friday! Alien: Covenant: What's your favorite scene?

Spoiler alert for Alien: Covenant!

Alien: Covenant recently hugged the collective faces of the world. What was your favorite scene? I guess for me it was the David and Walter stuff? And, less interesting, the David and Walter fight? Other than that, nothing really stands out to me as a "favorite". That's obviously not a good sign. I'll tell you what was not my favorite scene (or rather, not my favorite part of an otherwise awesome scene) the Engineers that David wipes out. They really didn't look like the Engineer(s) from Prometheus. And why the f*ck were they all just standing around like idiots? Aren't they geniuses? I did like the Xenomorph stuff, of course. Or is it Protomorph? 

I enjoyed the Neomorph infections when they were first starting to happen. I like when two or more separate groups of people are on walkie talkies together in a film. I think there's a term for that. Something about establishing the reality/geography of a film? Anyway, here's the trailer to refresh your memory.

What's your favorite scene from Alien: Covenant?


  1. Yeah, it has to be the David and Walter flute scene, which is a pretty odd choice for an action/sci-fi flick, but it was a great scene. I agree, nothing in the film really stands out as a "favorite" scene.

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