Friday, May 26, 2017

(Our 200th) Favorite Scene Friday! Alien: The Chestburster

It's our 200th Favorite Scene Friday! To mark the occasion, we recorded a very special audio commentary FSF! Jay and I were joined by Lindsay Street and Nick Rehak from French Toast Sunday, two veteran FSFers. We checked out the Chestburster scene from Alien, surely one of the most classic bits from any horror/sci-fi film. And Alien: Covenant is so hot right now.


I surely didn't get to 200 FSFs alone, and I've gotta thank a lot of folks. Tiffany, Nick, and Pat, of course. Our guests have been Ruth from "...let's be splendid about this...", Alex from And So It Begins..., Pete from I Love That Film, CT from Nerd Lunch, Pax from Cavalcade of Awesome, Lindsay, Jess, and Nick from French Toast Sunday, Daniel Lackey from Lackey Writes About Film, Sara from A Redhead at the Movies, Will from Exploding Helicopter, Tony Cogan from Coogs Reviews, Jacob Lusk of Panned Review, Bubbawheat from Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights, and, of course, Jay from Life Vs. Film. Thanks, guys! If I missed anyone I truly apologize. Thanks to EVERYONE who visits this blog and checks out this feature. Without further ado, enjoy some Alien nastiness and our commentary!

What's your favorite scene from Alien?

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  1. I like watching Alien movies. Almost all the scenes are awesome from Alien. I love rushessay reviews on the similar topics. thanks for sharing the videos as well.