Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Batch o' Hatch: Doctor Strange, Breaking Beer, 4th of Jaws-ly, and Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Hey, friendos. I hope you’re having a good July! Let’s catch up over a new Batch.


Doctor Strange

Early last week, JoBlo (via Latino-Review and reported that Marvel may want Doctor Strange to serve as their new Iron Man franchise. I’m all for this. Doctor Stephen Strange makes for a compelling character. He’s got a great origin story (he’s a gifted but arrogant surgeon who breaks his hands and ends up learning magic as a way to heal himself) and the tone is a little different from Iron Man (or any Marvel film) so it will surely be fresh.

File:Dr Strange by Steve Ditko.jpg

Breaking Beer

Breaking Bad is coming to an end soon, and what better way to say goodbye than to drink some beer inspired by the show? This AV Club article points out that, unfortunately, folks outside of the Albuquerque area may not be able to get their hands on the Marble Brewery beer. But it would go so well with these blue meth cupcakes that I’m planning on making!

4th of Jaws-ly

What are your 4th of July plans? Ours involve the beach but Jaws on the big screen is also on the agenda. Yes, Sun-Ray Cinema, everyone’s favorite indie theater, is showing the flick this Thursday, complete with a slice of apple pie. Because if there’s anything more American than Roy Scheider 'sploding a great white shark, it’s apple pie.

Sun-Ray's Facebook

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Nick brought to my attention that Universal Studios Orlando is using The Cabin in the Woods as their source of horror for Halloween Horror Nights this year. I wanna go!

Cabin turned out to be one of the most original horror movies in recent memory, so this year’s HHN should be awesome. Fingers crossed for a merman.



The Conjuring - via JoBlo

Another trailer for The Conjuring? Sure. This one’s even creepier than the last few because it really sells the fact that the film is based on a true story. I honestly kind of forgot that this was coming out this month, so I’m pretty stoked.

Escape Plan - via JoBlo

This trailer paints the movie as a solid action flick. It looks like it has a little more brains than the films Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been in lately. Why couldn’t Arnie and Sly have made this 20 years ago, though?

And how did 50 Cent get in this? This thing is being released in the theaters, right?


LOTTA great tweets for this Batch.

At this point, this is probably the only Shyamalan film I would ever go to the theater for.

Good point!

I'll have to keep this in mind!

Me too!

Evil Dead tweet. Groovy.

♫CHUM-mer, CHUM-mer, CHUM-mer tiiiiime!!!♫



Fantastic image. Get excited for the @TAGNetwork crossover later this summer. Stay tuned to!

I survived!



  1. Duuuude, Escape Plan looks BONKERS. I can't believe those guys are still going for it. Good for them.

    Thanks for the embedded tweets! Drive sells TVs fast as shit.

    1. Alex - I'm glad Escape Plan looks as good as it does. The Expendables flicks don't really do an Arnie/Sly team up justice. Thanks for reading!

  2. 2nd time seeing that Escape Plan trailer, and I gotta say...I want to see it a whole lot more now. I'm pretty stoked for that one. And I'm jealous about Jaws on the big screen. That would be glorious.

    Oh yea, Argo was awesome, lol.

    1. George - I'm stoked too. I would have no problem paying movie theater money to see that on a big screen.

      Jaws was awesome as ever! Second time seeing it at Sun-Ray Cinemas.