Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The EH List: March/April/May 2013

Once upon a time a boy started a feature called The EH List. His intention - a pure one - was to highlight the music that he, his blog mates, and their friends shared on a monthly basis into one Spotify playlist. But it was not to be...

Yeah, I didn’t do one of these last month (or the month before). I meant to but LIFEHAPPENED. Anyway, I figured I’d make this installment three times as awesome. Hope you enjoy.

“Where Are You Now”
Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons

This is just an excellent tune by M&S that Tiff and I discussed a few months back. It’s a fantastic song about love lost and love rejected.

M&S are playing in St. Augustine in September. Just a stone's throw from The EH Team's stomping grounds but we don't have the moment. Actually, probably forever. That thing is crazy sold out.

“Walking on a Dream”
Empire of the Sun

Turns out this awesome song has a really kooky music video, as witnessed in Tiff’s MVM from February.

“Landslide”/“Go Your Own Way”
Fleetwood Mac

Chris over at Movies and Songs 365 did a very thorough series on the music of Fleetwood Mac. Two of my faves were “Landslide” and “Go Your Own Way”. As I mentioned to Chris, the latter always makes me think of Forrest Gump.

“Hot Chip”
Shake a Fist

Mike from 20 Something Awesome shared this track back in February. I’d never heard of Hot Chip before.  It’s a very catchy tune - and I haven’t even listened to it with my headphones on!

Delta Spirit

Nick shared this tune as a Music Video Monday after hearing it featured in Warm Bodies. He wasn’t crazy about the zom-com and I still haven’t seen it. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl in October.


“Just Dropped In”
Kenny Rogers

John from The Droid You’re Looking For featured this track as part of his look at the music of the Coen Brothers. The tune is from Hatch favorite The Big Lebowski. Nick actually put this track on a CD for me a long time ago and I couldn’t believe it when he told me that Kenny Rogers did it. Still blows my mind.

While we’re on the topic of the Coen Brothers, check out the Red Band trailer for their new flick, Inside Llewyn Davis, which also looks to be brimming with tunes.

“Inhaler”/”Blue Blood”

Mike from 20 Something Awesome was kind enough to handle Music Video Monday for us one week in March. He chose the Foals track “Inhaler”. Mike had previously shared “Blue Blood” (and its awesome video) on his own site and I’ve included that here as well.

“Drift Drive”/”Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out”
The Antlers

Virtually every MVM from late February to April was chosen because the artist was set to perform at the Shaky Knees Music Fest in Atlanta (and we still weren’t issued press passes...grumble). Case in point, Pat chose these two Antlers tracks and they performed that Sunday afternoon. I was a little fuzzy at that point but I’m sure they were great. Hopefully Pat or somebody else can attest to that.

“Diane Young”
Vampire Weekend

Our last track from Mike is a catchy one from Vampire Weekend’s new album “Modern Vampires of the City”. I wanna say it’s a little different from their usual style, but, then again, I’m not familiar with their entire catalogue. In any case, it’s a fun tune.

“Don’t Break the Needle”
J. Roddy Walston and The Business

Another MVM pick by Pat, “Don’t Break the Needle” is (wait, is it about a record player or drug use...okay, the latter) a song about DRUGS. Anyway, Pat chose this track after some unmitigated praise for the band by Nick.

“The Funeral”
Band of Horses

As I mentioned in my MVM from April, I was very excited to catch Band of Horses at Shaky Knees. And I have to admit, watching the band perform in the rain surrounded by the EH team and friends is one of the highlights of my year so far.

“Elephant Gun”

I was completely unfamiliar with Beirut until Pat brought the band to my attention with a recent MVM. Great song. You could listen to it chillin’ on the beach but it’s also a little sad.

Until next month August!


  1. Wow! Thanks for all the mentions! I'm enjoying the new Vampire Weekend songs, and have to love the classic Band of Horses track "The Funeral".

    1. Mike - Thanks for posting all the music! I have yet to listen to the new VW album in its entirety but I think I'm going to like it based off what I've heard. "The Funeral" never gets old.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, and glad you enjoyed the Fleetwood Mac posts. Go Your Own Way is a classic, no doubt. Pretty thorough look at their career, although I confess I didn't include Stevie Nicks' solo work, or the new ep Extended Play (2013)

    I'll have to check out some of the other music you mentioned here. That Warm Bodies soundtrack I can vouch for is good stuff!

    1. Chris - The Fleetwood Mac stuff was great. I' probably more interested in the Warm Bodies soundtrack than the film itself. Thanks for commenting!

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