Monday, March 4, 2013

Music Video Monday! Foals: "Inhaler"

Mike from 20 Something Awesome is here with our very first guest Music Video Monday! If you've never scoped out 20SA, please rectify that. Do you like movies? Check out the site's "New on Netflix" column (OHSNAP Tremors is on there now???). Like music? 20SA has you covered with their "Song of the Day" series. Are you on Twitter? 20SA is (@20someawesome), along with their "Hashtags That Should be Trending" feature. So read this week's Music Video Monday and then go check out 20 Something Awesome. It's awesome. It's in the name for Denny's sake! 

You can learn more about Mike and 20 Something Awesome right here

I was first introduced to Foals back in 2010 in conjunction with the release of their second studio album, Total Life Forever. What convinced me they were great was the opening track "Blue Blood". While being a great UK indie rock track, it also has an awesome music video.

Over the past few months I've been keeping up with the new singles that have been released in preparation of their 2013 album, Holy Fire. "Inhaler" and "My Number" are very catchy tunes that got me very excited for the album. It was released in mid February and after two listens, I'm not disappointed. Holy Fire seems much rockier than previous albums but it's welcomed with open arms from these ears.

Below is the video for "Inhaler". It's very dance heavy which makes me wish I had the mind/body coordination to move my body in meaningful movements. It is also quite vandalism and "you damn kids" heavy. The beginning and ending sequences have a "Thriller-esque" feeling, with young people doing zombie-like movements which I imagine are supposed to represent the inhaling and exhaling which is displayed throughout the rest of the video. What other less obvious examples of breathing are in the video?

Beware - there's some light drug use and light nudity. Nothing sexual or grotesque but more "artsy". Maybe NSFW.


  1. Love the song and the video. I wasn't too familiar with Foals (that's not saying much because I'm familiar with about 2% of good bands) but I must say I'm digging their sound. The video for "Blue Blood" is pretty awesome too. That little kid can dance.

    Thanks for guest posting, Mike!

  2. "Blue Blood" is a great song. Makes we wanna dig deeper. Thanks for the post.

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