Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Music Video Monday (On Tuesday)! OK Go: Here It Goes Again

Does anyone remember a cool little indie band that came on the scene out of Chicago a few years ago with a song that was really fun and a music video for said song that was even MORE fun???  Yep.  Me too.  Weren't those the days?

If you were one of the millions of viewers tuning into the Superbowl on Sunday night, you may have seen a commercial with the members of OK Go in a neat little Chevy driving into a bunch of instruments, all while the song Needing/Getting (from their latest album) plays in the background.  I have to admit - the concept sounded like it could be cool.  But the delivery?  It was a let down.  As was the last video I saw these boys create - for none other than The Today Show (owned by one of the biggest corporate conglomerates in the entire world).  In case you're wondering why that's relevant, OK Go has somehow made such a practice of creating quirky little videos that they've gained corporate sponsors.  I don't want to play the "sell out" card here, but I'm afraid I must.  This is because while the weird video-making niche they've found has been a success for them, the quality of their music has suffered greatly. 

Given that this is the Monday Tuesday after the Superbowl, I thought I would take a moment to honor OK Go when they were new and pure and fun and pretty talented.  Today's video is for the band's first American hit, "Here It Goes Again."  The video is not just fun to watch - it's pretty amazing technically.  The routine was choreographed by a sister of one of the band members.  The best thing about it?  It was all done in one single, continuous take. 

Happy Tuesday, folks!


  1. Cool video. I actually picked up the album, "Oh No" a few weeks ago. As I have yet to listen to it, this song has certainly motivated me to. Thanks, Tiff!

  2. Awesome choice, although these boys did seemingly join with your nemesis - The Man. There are four of us and I know where we can get some treadmills. Just sayin!

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