Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Batch o’ Hatch: The Walking Dead at Sun-Ray Cinema, The Florida Film Festival, and The Warren Files

The Walking Dead at Sun-Ray Cinema

We’ve written about Sun-Ray Cinema before and we’ve written about The Walking Dead before, but now we’re writing about both at the same time? Man, what next? That’s right, on Sunday, February 12th at 9:00 p.m., Jacksonville’s Sun-Ray Cinema is screening The Walking Dead season 2.5 premiere, and they’re screening it for free. I’m there. 

TWD has had a weird run so far. The first season was incredibly hyped and then – for me anyway – failed to deliver. Then the writing staff was fired and Frank Darabont left the scene, only for the second season – again, in my humble opinion – to actually turn out pretty good so far. I’m excited to check out Rick, Daryl, and the rest of the gang split some zombie skulls on a big screen.

The Florida Film Festival

In other news, the Florida Film Festival is creeping back up. I went last year – this was before The Hatch opened, mind you – and caught Troll Hunter, Hesher, and Super. I ended up reviewing all three of those and they were some of the first reviews I ever posted on the blog.

Films for the fest – which is April 13th-22nd in Orlando – will be announced on March 21st and I’m hoping for some gems. I had a good time last year, and I’m really hoping the rest of the EH Team can join me for a little family vacation.  

The Warren Files

So last week I read on JoBlo that Insidious 2 is indeed happening. Writer Leigh Whannell is returning but director James Wan isn’t locked in yet. This could be because he’s set to direct a flick called The Warren Files, formerly The Conjuring. According to various articles from JoBlo and Arrow in the Head (hey, here’s one now), the film will revolve around real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren and their investigation into supernatural happenings at the Perron family home in Rhode Island in the 1970s.

So I did a little research of my own. What I found very interesting – and what isn't mentioned in the JoBlo and Arrow in the Head articles – is that Ed and Lorraine Warren are the very same duo that investigated the real-life Amityville Horror case. 

Holy shit. For a while there I thought that maybe The Warren Files was going to be some quasi reboot (again) of The Amityville Horror, but the family at the center of the AH case was the Lutz, not the Perrons, and the Amityville house was in New York, not Rhode Island. I searched for the Perron family to try and get some more information and what I found was quite the creepy tale. From the Burrillville, Rhode Island Wikipedia page:

“From the Throat of the World Mountain area of Burrillville comes a very well known New England legend of a witch named Bethesda Sherman who, according to the legend, sacrificed her infant child as an offering to Dovahkiin (???), then hung herself in her barn. The story says that prior to her hanging Bethesda, a known practicing witch, placed a curse on anyone that would take her land/farm. More than two dozen mysterious deaths took place on the lands since the purported curse was made. In the 1970's a family named Perron moved into the Sherman farmhouse. There are numerous reports and eyewitness accounts of supernatural phenomenon that took place while the Perron's lived in the home, physical attacks by the spirit of the witch on the Perron family and an attempted demonic possession of the mother, Carolyn Perron, by the spirit of the witch. Famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated the case and aided the Perron family in their fight against this demonic entity.”

Spooky, no? And this story isn’t even listed on the Warren’s Wikipedia page. A few others are, however, and I’m wondering if Wan – who’s clearly a fan of sequels – has half a mind to make a franchise out of the Warren’s adventures. Hopefully we at least get the story about the werewolf demon…

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