Friday, February 3, 2012

Favorite Scene Friday: The Script Reads Me.

For this week’s FSF, I’ve chosen one of Ben Stiller’s funnier movies (he’s either hit or miss in my book), Tropic Thunder.  Stiller’s not in the scene, but then again, he’s not needed.  Robert Downey, Jr. is the reason this scene makes the cut.  He gave a downright awesome, hilarious performance in this movie and this scene takes the cake.  When I saw it in the theater I laughed out loud so hard that I believe I embarrassed my girlfriend.  She literally had to ask me what I thought was so funny in this scene.  I know she was focused on the dialogue, which is good, but what gets me every time is RDJ’s facial expressions, particularly around the 0:41 mark.  I’ve often wondered if RDJ thought he messed up in the scene simply because the expression seems ad-libbed.  It just seems too perfectly funny to be written out on paper.  Regardless, I’m glad Stiller kept it in the film because I still laugh out loud after RDJ’s tirade and his facial reaction resulting from it.  Hope this one makes you laugh and leads you into a kick-ass Super Bowl Weekend.  GO PATS!

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