Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Video Monday! Dire Straits: "Money For Nothing"

We've given you some very '80s music videos before but I present to you - in my opinion, anyway - the most '80s music video of them all. A synthy sound, early computer animation and neon rotoscoping (is there anything more '80s than neon rotoscoping?) combine to make "Money for Nothing" so '80s that you'll poop a John Hughes film after watching it. I seem to recall watching this video a lot when I was younger. I think it spoke to me because, yes, I did want MTV, my money for nothing, and chicks for free. And my microwave oven, refrigerator, and color TV moving business really got in the way of that.

The Wikipedia entry on this song and video is an interesting and informative read if you have a minute. For instance, I actually did not know that was Sting providing backup vocals. Also, Dire Straits singer and songwriter Mark Knopfler was initially not a fan of the idea for this music video - in fact, he wasn't a fan of music videos at all.

So that's Music Video Monday for this week, folks. I'll leave you with a little more rotoscoping, the trailer for 2006's A Scanner Darkly.


  1. Gosh, I need to listen to more Dire Straits. Have a few songs that I love of theirs...

  2. They are a bit of a blind spot for me if I'm honest, though I love Money for nothing feat. Sting.

  3. @Chris that's about all I'm a fan of but I don't really know any of their other tunes.

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