Friday, February 24, 2012

Batch o’ Hatch: Natural Selection Trailer, Dr. Sleep, and Favorite Scene Friday News!

Natural Selection Trailer 

IMDb posted a trailer for Natural Selection and for some reason I really like it. Truthfully I thought it was a horror film at first, given the tone of the beginning of the preview, but it ends up being a great looking little dramedy. Who knew Rachael Harris – the bitchy girlfriend from The Hangover – would be getting high praise for a starring role in an indie film? 

Dr. Sleep

This is more literature news than film, but IMDb via Icons of Fright shared a recent clip of Stephen King at the Savannah Book Festival reading from Dr. Sleep, the sequel to his novel The Shining. The video isn’t great as it was recorded by someone pretty far from the stage where King was reading but it's cool all the same to know that this sequel exists. According to Wikipedia, Mr. King finished the first draft of the book this past November. Maybe I'll review the film someday?

Favorite Scene Friday!

If you need a little more Bill Murray in your life, you're in luck. Our FSF poll closed this morning with scenes featuring the actor as the winner, so every Friday in March we'll be bringing you a piece of Mr. Murray. Thanks to all who voted!


  1. Not ever heard of Natural Selection before, but the trailer looks promising! Thanks for telling

    Sequel to his novel The Shining, the same characters?
    Will Jack N be up for a return I wonder, I doubt it, considering his age, and S King's dislike of Kubrick's film

  2. @Chris - Yeah I feel like if they ever do make it into a movie it would be a completely different beast. I'm sure King learned his lesson the first time and I doubt Nicholson would be in the film, if he's even featured in the novel. I've heard it's about Danny all grown up working in a hospital or something and mind pirates are the enemies or something (?!).

    Who knows though, maybe they could pull a Tron: Legacy and put a computer animated Nicholson in the film! :0