Saturday, February 18, 2012

Favorite Scene Friday! The War of the Roses: The Gloves Are Off

If you're like me, you've had your fill of sappiness this week.  I don't hate Valentine's Day, but it does seem like overkill - especially for those of us plugged into the world of social media.  Now that the week is nearing its end, I thought I would provide a scene to restore some balance for those of us stuffed so full of love, we're ready to throw it all up.  For this, I give you a movie not necessarily about hate, which is clearly the opposite of love, but about just how thin the line between love and hate can be. 

In The War of the Roses, Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner play Oliver and Barbara Rose, a successful couple who have built a life together, raised two children and sent them off to college, and are now ready to live out their remaining days in marital bliss.  Or, are they?  When Barbara decides she doesn't want to be married to Oliver anymore, she lets him know very matter of factly.  The funny part is that her realization comes in the midst of his heart attack scare.  As she tells him, she felt so free when she thought he was dead.  It's only then that the hard part really begins.  Neither of them is willing to leave the house.  So they begin, in the most hilarious of ways, to completely ruin each other.

Here we see the two characters in the midst of their destruction.  Barbara has thrown a lovely dinner party for her clients.  What is Oliver to do but ruin the evening for everyone?  His antics even include urinating on the main course.  The scene below shows what happens next.  If you've never seen this gem, I ask that you check out the trailer before viewing the scene.  It's hilarious and sums up the story of Oliver and Barbara, and I feel like it provides the right setting for the scene.  While this might seem like a bummer of a post, I can assure you, this movie is one of a kind.  And, put in the right perspective, you'll laugh out loud at how far two people who once vowed to love and protect each other will go to take one another down.  And, even if you don't think that, you'll still get to see a good dose of Kathleen Turner at her hottest.  Purrrrrrr.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Never seen this but now I really want to! Also, I would have to argue that Kathleen Turner at her hottest is in Romancing the Stone.