Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Batch o’ Hatch: Sun-Ray Cinema Opening, Farewell, Jaws Ride: Part 1, and The Cabin in the Woods Trailer

Sun-Ray Cinema Opening

The Florida Times-Union has an article up about the opening of Sun-Ray Cinema this week in Jacksonville. Tim Massett – a Jacksonville native – and Shana David-Massett are behind the new theatre, which will feature a new screen, a kitchen, and other improvements in general.

Sun-Ray Cinema
I’m immensely excited about the new theater opening this week, especially with the potential lineup of initial films we’d get – Melancholia, Martha Marcy May Marlene, The Descendants, The Human Centipede 2 (probably be skipping that one – I got enough centipede shenanigans from the first one), and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The theater space used to be home to the 5 Points Theatre, which was a great place for indie movie and film event lovers (which definitely included us – two of our posts about films at 5 Points are here and here).  The theater has been closed since Halloween, so I’ve definitely been jonesing for independent cinema. I’ve got high hopes for Sun-Ray, especially for their special events, like screenings of The Walking Dead on Sundays. 

Check out Sun-Ray's blog right here.

Farewell, Jaws Ride: Part 1

On that note, I probably won’t even be able to check out the theater until early next week. Sun-Ray isn’t really scheduled to open until Friday, and I’ll be out of town. And even if it opens on Thursday (the article mentions the theater could open “a day or two earlier if renovations go well”) I can’t attend, as it’s my birthday and I’ve already got plans. Although that would be an awesome birthday present. I guess there’s always tomorrow.

Anyway, the reason I’ll be out of town is that I’m going to Orlando to visit Universal Studios for my aforementioned birthday. Normally I probably wouldn’t blog about visiting a theme park – even one that revolves around movies – but I figured this was a special occasion since THEJAWSRIDEISCLOSING!!??

The news comes from JoBlo (can you tell I get most of my movie news from them?) via the Universal Orlando Resort Facebook page, and their post explains that the 20+ year-old ride is getting the axe because Universal is putting in something “new, innovative & amazing”. 

Universal Orlando Resort
I’m glad I get to experience the ride one last time because a) I haven’t been to Universal Studios in years and b) I missed riding on the Back to the Future attraction one last time before it was converted into The Simpsons ride. Not this time, uncaring Universal Studios Florida executives. Not this time.

I’ll post something next week about my last experience with the ride.

The Cabin in the Woods Trailer

In other news, courtesy of – wait for it…JoBlo (via Yahoo! Movies), we finally have a trailer for The Cabin in the Woods, a horror/sci-fi flick directed by Drew Goddard (writer of Cloverfield) produced by Joss Whedon, and co-written by both of them. According to Wikipedia, Cabin has been delayed for about two years now. It was filmed before Chris Hemsworth did Thor, look at how puny he looks!

Nope, still more than capable of kicking my ass
To tell you the truth, I’m puzzled by this trailer. I was expecting an Evil Dead knockoff and I got…well I don’t even know. Check it out:


  1. the cabin in the woods is far from an evil dead rip-off indeed, and it looks to be a highlight of next year. In Whedon We Trust

  2. @rodders - I can't help but agree. Between this and The Avengers, it looks like Whedon is going to have a hell of a good year. Thanks for reading!

  3. I don't even know about The Cabin in the Wood trailer. Interesting to say the least - quite a good horror......
    .....I'm scared!

  4. @ruth I'm pretty excited for it now. What's up with the forcefield???

    Thanks for reading!

  5. I'm glad I got to experience the Jaws ride as a kid even though I was ultimately disappointed by how cheesy the shark looked. I wish they would just refurbish the ride and make it more scary. It's almost as if they're putting the film out to pasture as well....sad really.

  6. @markuswelby1 - Agreed. It would probably be pretty easy to just fix it up. Sounds like they want to put more Harry Potter stuff in there, though, so it probably wouldn't matter what was there to begin with.