Monday, December 5, 2011

MUSIC VIDEO MONDAY night: Do You Think There Is Life On Mars?

                You ever have one of those days where once you finally get the chance to sit down at home you tend to . . . space out a bit?  Replaying the day’s events over and over in your head, thinking of oh so many post-glorious I should have said that’s until you finally realize that someone or something has been trying to get your attention for the past four minutes; yeah we’ve all been there.  We’ve been there because we work.  We work ourselves so hard we start to believe that these little four minute or five minute or hour and a half space out’s are really nothing more than the seedy little parasites that have evolved themselves from the over humpification of the American Dream.  This is what we now live for.  Bygone are the days of the Sexual Revolution, everyone’s fucking these days.  Hooray.  The new revolution shall be the Space Revolution and this Revolution will conjure up the most laziest of tiredest of middle-class citizens to ever wander in unison before suddenly pointing up to the sky.  And staring.  Not in awe.  Not in ecstasy.  Not in any hate or greed.  Space, where mystery sleeps and dreams thrive. 
               Well I hope so, because what I’ve decided to do with today’s Music Video Monday is to provide you with a bit of the soundtrack to the Space Revolution.  Hell, maybe even its anthem.  So the next time you find yourself in spacing out mode after a hard day’s work or on a rainy day or when you’re just in a really foul mood look up David Bowie’s Life On Mars? and sit back.  Let him drift you away. 
                I’m not the biggest Bowie fan in the world, but I really dig his early work and this is my favorite of those tunes.  Hunky Dory (the album which this song appears) catches Bowie on the brink of becoming the far out Ziggy Stardust.  The album also features the greatest hits Changes and Queen Bitch, but in my opinion I find Changes to be far, far down on my greatest hits.  Two more songs comprise Bowie’s fascination of two of the biggest cultural icons of the 60s: Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan (Andy Warhol and Song For Bob Dylan).  Both are nothing if not incredible and to fill up the rest of the album are six tracks pure poetry, but with a good guitar.  Check out The Escape Plan for one of those poems. 
               Now I’m going to give you a bit of a fair warning:  there isn’t much to this video aside from staring at Mars’ own version of Bozo the Clown, but it's intriguing nonetheless.  Besides, what are we here for if not for the song.  If you've never heard it or if you have heard it, but are unfamiliar with it; give it a listen.  I mean a real listen.  It's truly a fantastic song.  And those eyes.  Goddamn, those eyes are hypnotizing,  Alright, Major Tom, time for lift-off.  Time to drift away from this Monday.  So long . . .

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