Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Now Hear This!: My Music Rediscover, Concert Heaven & Cranking The Black Keys

Good Thing for Second Chances

I first heard of Radical Face (Ben Cooper) via the song and video “Doorways”. It’s a fantastic tune that made me think of my favorite book, “Where the Wild Things Are”. Intrigued by the sound, I listened to some more of his stuff, downloaded “Ghost Towns”, but then for some reason I kind of moved on. Fast forward two months, I’m watching a rerun of Last Call with Carson Daly and damn wouldn’t you know, there's Ben Cooper as the featured artist.

During the interview, he mentioned that he’s from Jacksonville, FL and actually uses his mom's tool shed as a recording studio. After the interview, I went back for a second listen. It’s funny because one of two things happened, either my palette had been cleansed of all the folksy singers I’ve been listening too or I was so inspired by the interview, Cooper made me hear his music in a different light. Regardless the reason, I’ve found a handful of songs that will probably find their way onto my iPod. Here are my recommendations: “Welcome Home”, “Along the Road”, “Wrapped in Piano Strings”, “A Pound of Flesh”, “Black Eyes” as well as the previously mentioned “Doorways” and “Ghost Towns”.

Concert Heaven

So moving on to selfish news, I’m thrilled to tell anyone who’ll listen about my next four months of concert dates. This month, actually this Sunday, I’m taking a trip down to Orlando to see Delta Spirit and My Morning Jacket. Once again, if you haven’t added Delta Spirit (new album March 13) to your music catalog PLEASE DO. You will not be sorry. In January, I’m hitting the road to see the one and only Ryan Adams. I’ve waited for what seems like forever to see him in concert. It sucks that I have to go to Louisville to make it happen. I don’t know anything about the city, but I couldn’t think of a better place to be on my birthday. Yes, my birthday night watching Ryan “fucking” Adams! On March 4th, I take to the road again (Atlanta) to enjoy the soulful sounds of Dr. Dog. I just saw them back in April when they played Freebird Live with Floating Action, but with their new album, Be The Void, being released February 7th, I should hear an entirely different set. If I don’t, who cares because Dr. Dog is the shit! Also in March, there's still a slim possibility I’ll be having an eargasm listening to The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys on the 23rd in Norfolk. This trip is teetering on whether or not I hit the lottery or feel like taking a 9 hour drive up 95. My dilemma, do I wait for The Black Keys to make it to Florida without the greatest band in the world or do I nut up and come off the $? If you don’t know by now, who I consider to be the greatest band in the world, then you don’t read my posts or I haven’t made it clear enough. Pssst: It’s the ARCTIC MONKEYS.

Screw tickling the Ivories, turn up The Black Keys

As I always do with the bands I love, I ran out to the Wrecka Stow (Prince fans you know what I’m talking about) yesterday to pick up El Camino, by The Black Keys. I know you’ve heard the lead single “Lonely Boy” and if you say, “Well no I haven’t”, then I say you’re kidding me right? I don’t know how that’s even humanly possible, since it’s been featured in a Hawaii Five-O tease, during last Sunday’s Packers-Giants game as an outro before a commercial and of course played during their December 3rd Saturday Night Live performance. It’s a fun song and even funkier video, but The Black Keys goodness doesn’t end their. If “Tighten Up” and Howlin’ For You” were your first exposure to The Black Keys then you won’t be disappointed because El Camino is a more up tempo album than Brothers. The duo has realized how to butter the bread and I don’t hold that against them. After the first go ‘round the winners for me are “Gold on the Ceiling”, the last 2:06 of “Little Black Submarines”, “Money Maker”, “Sister”, “Stop Stop” and of course “Lonely Boy”. I suggest you add it to your music must buys and as the sticker on the CD encourages “Play Loud”.

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  1. Just watched the video for "Doorways". Good tune.

    Don't be surprised if I end up going to that Dr. Dog concert.

    Oh, and I can't get "Lonely Boy" out of my head now...