Monday, November 7, 2011

Music Video Monday: Josh Ritter – “To The Dogs Or Whoever”

          For this week’s installment of Music Video Monday, I’ve chosen a singer/songwriter who I’ve (within the past year) been absolutely enamored with.  I’ve chosen him for a couple of reasons.  1) Not only is this dude worthy of our blog, but I also have the fortunate opportunity to see him perform live in St. Augustine, FL later this month and 2) My fellow Hatchers keep telling me they have no idea who he is, hence their hesitation to join me in St. Augustine, so I’ve posted this song to introduce them, and you, to the awesomeness that is Josh Ritter. 
I first heard of him in a local Barnes and Noble store when I noticed his most recent album cover, So Runs The World Away.  A riverboat graces the cover and the critics cited on the sleeve mentioned something along the lines of “great storyteller in the vein of Twain.”  Naturally that peaked my interest and when I previewed the album right there in the store, I thought to myself, These critics are spot-on.   Obviously I bought the CD and was immediately blown away.  Contained on that album is Folk Bloodbath, which I’ve mentioned in a previous post (but you already knew that, didn’t you?), and remains one of my favorite Ritter tracks.  I really hope he performs it in my presence.  The song below however is not on that album, but from his 2007 album, The Historical Conquests Of Josh Ritter – anyone else picking up on the spectacular song/album titles? – and is worthy of any music fan’s ears.  It’s an uplifting piece and I hope it lifts you as high as it does me.  And yes, my fingers are crossed that I’ll hear this one live too.

If you’re amazed with this track, here are some others that deserve a listen.  They’d make one hell of an EP:
Folk Bloodbath
Thin Blue Flame
Change Of Time
Girl In The War
There are many, many more outstanding pieces of music in this dude’s catalogue so if you find yourself enjoying these tracks, do yourself a favor and buy his albums.  Hell, I did.

P.S.  Check out The Escape Plan for an extra added bonus.


  1. Great choice for MVM. I have been listening to him for a while now (since I heard the amazing Change of Time), and Girl In The War is one of my new favorites.

  2. A couple of songs from So Runs The World Away made it onto my top 100 songs of 2010 list: Another new world, The Curse.
    I want to check his older material when I have a spare moment, thanks for sharing those tracks!

  3. I agree, those songs are fabulous as well. I've particularly been listening to "Another New World" quite often these days, it's a great story within a song. A few more for you to check out: "Mind's Eye", "Harrisburg", "Snow Is Gone", "Wings", and "Kathleen". If you feel up to it, just buy them individually from iTunes and make your own playlist, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  4. @Nick : Thanks a lot for the Josh Ritter track suggestions, I'll listen to them !