Friday, November 4, 2011

Favorite Scene Friday: John Turturro & Friends Having a Blast in One of the Best Underrated Comedies Ever

We spent an entire month scaring your white undies brown, so for today’s Favorite Scene Friday, I thought I’d bring us back to the lighter side of things.  Brain Donors was released in 1992 under the radar of nearly everyone.  Wikipedia states that it’s “loosely based on a Marx Brothers comedy” and while I’ve never actually seen a Marx Brothers movie, I can certainly attest that this is one of the funniest, zaniest movies I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.  It stars a pre-Jesus Quintana, John Turturro, in a role that really stretches his talent.  In a good way (as usual).  The rest of the movie stars other no-namer’s which makes Turturro shine even brighter.  His fast paced dialogue and his wild antics make this movie a delight for anyone who doesn’t feel like thinking for an hour and twenty minutes.  It’s also directed by Adam Sandler favorite, Dennis Dugan (Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, Just Go With It), and while I don’t particular enjoy his other films (case in point, the upcoming Jack & Jill), this one makes me laugh out loud every time.  I hope it does the same for you.
                I had a bit of trouble picking just one scene because the entire movie flows at such a pace that there isn’t just one worthy scene better than any other.  There are many.  Fortunately for you though, I found a YouTube clip that spans the entire movie from beginning to end pointing out some tasty highlights.  So sit back and enjoy 7 and a half minutes of comedic gold.  And don’t forget to laugh out loud.  It’s a PG-rated movie so watch it at work and turn up the volume.  Share a laugh with your boss and co-worker’s, they’ll thank you for it.  Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. I dig this one too. My favorite moment is when they ruin the opera at the end. I think it didn't resonate with folks because the audiences of the pre-internet 90's had no frame of reference for the Marx brothers. If you like this you should seek out their films. I recommend "Duck Soup"

  2. Thanks, Markus. I will certainly check it out. One of my fav's (from the montage & film) is, "You really need to go back to school." "I hated teaching." I love fast dialogue and if I have to rewatch a film to catch everything, I know it's a good film. That's why I love the Coen Bro's comedies (I seriously enjoy every single one - The Ladykillers is my 2nd fav behind the obvious choice, Lebowski).

  3. I'd be up for a Brain Donors/Duck Soup double feature...just puttin' that out there...