Monday, November 14, 2011

Music Video Monday! Death Cab for Cutie: I Will Possess Your Heart

I chose today’s video for two reasons (well, two reasons other than the fact that I absolutely love the song).  The first is that I was recently on a trip and, as a result, missed what I hear was an amazing Death Cab for Cutie performance in Jacksonville.  The second reason is that although I have watched this video several times in the past, I have a new appreciation for it – particularly the main (and really only) character, and all of her wanderlust.  I love how she carries herself as she explores foreign, exotic lands all on her own.  I love her quiet composure as she takes it all in.  My recent trip was a similar experience.  While I didn’t go to the exotic Far East, I did travel outside of the country on my own, and I discovered places I had never seen, some that I didn’t know existed.  I saw places too beautiful for words, and pushed myself to get out and see different things on my own.  It was such an awesome feeling of accomplishment, and from now on anytime I hear this song or see this video, it will bring about that feeling in me. 

Aside from my personal connection to the video, I think the storyline is pretty interesting, and fits the song well.  It's sad that Ben Gibbard sings of this strong determination to possess her heart, while she is out in these warm, bright, beautiful places, and he is singing to her from a frigid, cavernous room.  She is completely removed from him – she might as well be worlds away – and he is very much outside of her heart.  It makes me wonder if he will ever even get close. 

It’s a bittersweet storyline, but the video provides some amazing imagery.  So, whether you think the song is a sad tale of unrequited love or a stalker anthem…I hope you enjoy the video.  Happy Monday, everyone.