Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Batch o’ Hatch: Super 8 Double Feature, The Community Debacle, and Josh Ritter

Time for a warm Batch o’ Hatch!

Super 8 Double Feature

Super 8 hits home screens on Tuesday the 22nd and we here on the other side of the Hatch can’t really agree on what we should watch with it.

Nick says Stand By Me would make for the perfect double feature, I think The Goonies would be awesome, and Tiff has never seen E.T. and understandably wants some of that action.

All of these films would make for great second features since they’re about a young group of kids on crazy adventures, just like Super 8.

But we need your help, dear readers. What do you think would go great with Super 8? Chime in below or, even better, on the poll over at our Facebook page.

The Community Debacle

As you may have heard, Community has been “benched”. The A.V. Club reports that the show is being pulled from the lineup to make room for 30 Rock (man I never thought I would hate 30 Rock, if even for a brief slice of time). I guess this won’t happen immediately, however – Wikipedia shows episodes airing up until December 1.

Nick and I are huge Community fans. He wanted me to express his personal anger towards NBC. Words like “heinous”, “repugnant”, and “quagmire” were thrown around. I’m thinking about organizing a silent candle vigil for the show, ala Season 1’s “Spanish 101” episode.

Anyone else upset about this news?

Josh Ritter at Café 11

We’re headed down to Café 11 in St. Augustine tomorrow night for a Josh Ritter concert. Nick featured Ritter in last week’s Music Video Monday and we’re all stoked to see him perform. Should make for a great time – provided I don’t piss anyone off again.

 Anyone a Ritter fan?


  1. I would have to say Goonies is a better spiritual fit to Super 8 than E.T. Even if you don't enjoy Super 8 much, I think you'll still find the best moments of the film involve the kids bantering back and forth. I dug it, hope you do to!

  2. A vote for Goonies, yesss...

    That's probably why I think it would be a great pairing - E.T. has the alien element going for it, but it's really more about Elliot and E.T. than a group of kids.

    And Stand By Me has the group of kids but it's not supernatural/sci-fi (although I guess The Goonies isn't really either) and it's a little darker I think (?).

    Thanks for weighing in!

  3. Spielberg's Close encounters of the 3rd kind? The danger of a double feat is the two movies are too similar.

  4. That would make for a good pairing.
    If we weren't going for the "kids on an adventure" angle, CEot3K would be up for consideration.

    I can see what you mean about the double features. Thanks for the comment!

  5. It sucks what NBC are doing to Community. Here's hoping it gets 3 more seasons and a movie, or i'd settle for at least one more. as for the Super 8, i'd say The Goonies would be the perfect double feature.

  6. @Rodders - A movie would be great but hopefully we do get one more season at least.

    Thanks for weighing in!