Friday, November 11, 2011

Favorite Scene Friday! (500) Days of Summer: "You Make My Dreams"

Ah, young love.

I knew when Halloween was over I'd wanna post a feel good scene for you guys - Nick had the same idea - and it's hard not to smile as big as Joseph Gordon-Levitt when you watch this one.

I do love this scene but I didn't fall for the film as a whole when I first saw it. Although any movie that pulls off obliterating the fourth wall like this is doing something right.

May you have a great weekend and may marching bands play for you wherever you go!


  1. Perfect song for a near-perfect film. Good post!

  2. Nice one, Dude. I feel like I've just been laid whenever I watch it. And yes, I did just watch it (wink, wink).

  3. @dan, thanks man, I love that scene. I need to watch the whole movie again.

    @nick - wink wink, saynamore saynamore. If I see you rewatching this clip I'll know what's up.

  4. I adore this film. Although, it's not a good "Friday Night Flick" for me, because when you fall asleep during this movie you cannot figure out what is happening when you wake up!

  5. That's a good point with this film. Your comment actually made me wonder if there was a version of this film in chronological order. I thought I remembered that there was - turns out that's Memento. I found an article about that - and whether (500) Days would be good in chronological order as well. Pretty good piece.