Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hey Kids,

December is right around the corner so why not check out the spectacular new EP from The Decemberists, Long Live The King.  Not sure if you guys have heard it yet, but it’s six tracks of stupendous, non-heinous music.  These are basically the tracks that didn’t (for who knows what reason) make the cut on their previous outing, The King Is Dead.  Every track on here is worthy of a spot on that album, except maybe the home demo of I 4 U & U 4 Me (not even sure what album that’s off of) and that’s not to say that the song is bad in any way, shape or form; I only meant that demo’s shouldn’t be on a final cut album unless listed as a bonus track.  

Anywho, after the revelation of Robert’s enjoyment of The Avett Brothers, I’d venture to say that he would really enjoy these guys as well.  Think of The Bros, only with a more distinctive (not necessarily better, mind you) voice and lyrics that make Magic The Gathering fans tinkle their tidy, little nickers with awe and amazement. 

Standout tracks:  Burying Davy and the groovy Grateful Dead cover, Row Jimmy.

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