Monday, August 1, 2011

3 Great Kings of Leon Songs Featured in Movies

The Hatch is abuzz about the upcoming trip to see Kings of Leon, and the recent news about throat problems and canceled shows has upped the commotion even more. We already have two quality lists from Nick and Pat, so I thought I'd wade into the Kings of Leon pool with this collection.
1. Whip It – "Knocked Up"
    "Knocked Up", while not featured in Knocked Up, does play over the opening scene of Whip It (thanks to Reelsoundtrack Blog for that info, and a great breakdown of Whip It's soundtrack in general). The film was a first-class effort by director Drew Barrymore and the song is a great one off of KoL's third album. I couldn't find the Whip It scene, so enjoy the tune below.

    2. Cloverfield – "Pistol of Fire"
      I have no idea when this song features in the movie, during the party at the beginning I guess. I'd never heard the track before attempting this post, although I guess I heard it during Cloverfield, and I'm sure Tiff will hiss "Itoldyouaboutthatsong!"/IputthatonaCDforyou!"/Waaah!" I couldn't help tapping my toes during the song and singing the refrain afterwards, however. And although "HIIIIGHER!" sounded kind of shrill and raspy and annoying at first, it grew on me and I guess that's Caleb's M.O. anyway. It's a good song. The video below is just the trailer for Cloverfield. The ending is still pretty awesome.

      3. Talladega Nights – "Holy Roller Novocaine"
        Shake and bake! I wasn't sure when Nights featured this song but, after a little research and help from, I figured it out. That bass guitar is catchy and the tune has got some great energy in general. You can hear the song in the scene below. "This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient but I do love Fig Newtons."


        1. "Knocked Up" is easily my favorite KoL track. I've never had any interest in seeing Whip It, and now it looks like I have to. Thanks.

        2. Thanks for the reads today, Alex. I honestly don't remember that much about Whip It, I might need to watch it again, but it was definitely a decent flick.