Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kings of Leon Quit Halfway Through Dallas Show

Last night's Dallas show took a turn for the strange when Caleb complained of "not having his voice." Then after only a handful of songs, he left the stage and didn't return. I've watched a collection of videos from the incident and the dude was clearly drunk off his ass. I sure hope he gets his shit straight for Tuesday's Tampa show or I and my fellow hatchers will be pissed. However, if the notorious, self proclaimed drinker needs to get some help, then so be it. Now this is pure speculation of my part. Maybe his voice was shot or maybe he was sick, only he knows, but in light of Amy Winehouse's death, I'd rather see him take care of himself than see him continue on a downward spiral. Below are two videos from the show. First one is Caleb's strange behavior and the second is the apology by his brother Jared and cousin Matthew. "Fuckin' hate Caleb, not us."

WTF Caleb?

Sucks to be the messengers.


  1. Looks like you won't be seeing them in Tampa. Bummer

  2. Ha, you just ruined our entire week, Alex! :(

  3. Yeah I'm going to go back stage to throw up, drink a beer and take a shot of tequila, then I'm gonna try to come back and post three more blogs.