Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Escape-athon 2017!

This Friday, Jay's Favorite Scene Friday will kick off Escape-athon 2017! Why are we starting this year's celebration essentially two weeks late? What can I say, I'm kind of a garbage person in term's of blogging and podcasting lately. I haven't posted anything here since October. I have two episodes of a new podcast recorded just SITTING there. Our logo still features Batman V. Superman, which is almost a year old for cripes sake! I just can't seem to get motivated. But hopefully that changes this month.

So yeah, Jay will kick off Escape-athon and we'll have a few more guests sharing fantasy and/or sci-fi scenes this month. ALSO, in the not-being-a-garbage-person department, I'm hoping to watch and review some fantasy and sci-fi films this month that I've never seen. Speaking of, can you help me pick which movies to watch and/or review? Click here and see below for a crude image I screengrabbed from Letterboxd, rather than making an actual collage or something (garbage person here):

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