Tuesday, September 9, 2014

LAMBcast 234: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Kristen, Elwood, and Bubbawheat joined me for a discussion on the Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill for.


This was only the second non Movie of the Month episode I've hosted (as in, the bulk of the episode was up to me to host), so I hope I did okay. You can listen to the episode below and read some highlights as well. Beware spoilers!

  • I mentioned wondering why they couldn't get Clive Owen to do his portion of the Dwight role somehow. I brought up a Cracked article that mentions how Andy Serkis has been Skyped for part of a role in one of his films (admittedly, that's obviously motion capture so it's not really the same thing). Here it is
  • Question - was Marv's death in the first movie taking place after the second movie, specifically, the part where he teams up with Nancy? Or did this film totally rewrite his character so that he could participate in Nancy’s story? I think Kristen pointed that out so I'm just wondering what the deal is.
  • I mentioned the fact that Chris Meloni is an awesome comedic actor, which apparently surprised Elwood, having known him primarily for his Law & Order work. I couldn't find the scene where he craps his pants in They Came Together but here's a great bit of his from Wet Hot American Summer. This is for you, Elwood.

  • Calling out Bubbawheat and Kristen - what is Jessica Alba’s greatest acting role?
  • We touched on The Spirit a bit, another of Frank Miller's directorial efforts (I didn't realize he co-directed the original Sin City as well). I haven't seen it and wanted a refresher on what it looked like. Here's the trailer:

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  1. Wow that's a whole heap of new images to associate with Chris Meloni, though not sure what is worse the fridge humping or that t-shirt!!