Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sexy: Who Did It Better, JT or RT?

Recently Justin Timberlake unveiled his "artistic" video, for the single "Tunnel Vision". At first, YouTube banned the new video, which is always good for buzz, but then the powers to be at YouTube were convinced, probably by JT's baby blues, to lift the ban.

I'll admit, although the song is way too long and Timbaland brings no value, it's a sexy video. Not sure if it's artistic and I'm not really sure why all of the nude girls are even in the video anyways, but who am I to question the dude who single-handedly brought sexy back. I can see why YouTube initially banned it. I'm all for freedom of speech, but when millions of 8-12 year old boys & girls troll YouTube daily, I don't know if they need to see this. Before you call me a prude, I have no problem with nudity. I just get a little uncomfortable when a pre-teen JT fan presses play and has access to a "handful" of breasts.

I didn't post this to get into a nudity debate, but I do want to know who did "naked women in a music video" better? Over three months before the suave Mr. Timberlake surrounded himself with a harem of nude models, a rapper and he made love to the camera, the slick Canadian Robin Thicke was doing the same thing in his video for the single, "Blurred Lines". So the pressing question I have for you, our faithful Hatch readers, which one of our seductive hunks gets your nod? We 'd like to hear from you, so hit us up with your who and why?

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  1. I can offer no commentary on the songs themselves because just like I used to do with Britney Spears songs, I watched the videos on mute and have no idea what the songs sound like (no, I do not care, thank you asking) . . . but as far as the quality of the video's - I vote for the Thicke one (insert pun here) because model Emily Ratajkowski is absolutely stunning - again I should admit that I've never actually heard her speak, but her body is nothing less than PHENOMENAL! And goddamn, she looks like she's having a lot of fun!

  2. JT's video is definitely more artistic but I'd probably have to go with Robin Thicke's video.

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  4. Ratajkowski is incredibly gorgeous. If I had to chose, RT video is better. RT song is better too.

  5. I don't mind listening to Blurred Lines nor Tunnel Vision but the videos are both pretty awkward to me. A girl rolling around in fog vs girls trying to cover their breasts....I'm an admirer of the scruffy dog look so JT wins if I have to choose. :D