Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pacific Rim Watch! Update #3

July 12th is creeping closer and the amount of promotional material and news about Pacific Rim is getting crazy. So it’s time for a new Pacific Rim Watch update!

Pacific Rim may feature more posters and artwork than any other film in recent memory. Here’s a few character images I saw on JoBlo a while back.

Here’s an absolutely ENORMOUS banner that and other sites featured. I can't even post it here.

A viral poster featured on Arrow in the Head:

You may recall some ruckus that Michael Bay supposedly accused del Toro of “ripping off” Transformers. Bay quickly came out and said that he wasn’t referring to del Toro or Pacific Rim in his comments. Whether Bay was talking about Pacific Rim or not, I’m sure it’ll be better than Transformers.

This is a cool featurette on “The Drift”, the effect of joining two pilots together in the film. This kind of seems like this year’s Avatar in terms of the tech within the film.

JoBlo shared a trailer for Atlantic Rim. Yes, this is real. This would surely make for a fun drinking game to play before seeing the real film.

Del Toro revealed that a sequel would further explore the Kaiju aliens. I’m not sure what he means by that but it would surely be interesting.

More pictures! Official stills and concept art.

Lastly, Pacific Rim is on the cover of this week’s Variety, which looks awesome:

Keep your eyes peeled for more news and promotional materials! Pacific Rim is out July 12th.

Oh yeah! The best trailer yet was released since our last update. Check it out below.


  1. Wow man awesome set of videos and pics. Hadn't heard about the Bay del Toro feud. Whether Bay was referring to Pacific Rim or not, does he really think he has a monopoly on giant robots??

    1. Pete - Bay doesn't even do giant robots justice so I'm not sure where he gets off. The first Transformers was okay but the sequels - especially the 2nd one - were ridiculous. Not much hope for the 4th one either. Maybe del Toro can show him how it's done. Thanks for reading!

  2. Damn, can't wait to check this out and have del Toro prove the haters wrong.

    1. Definitely - it looks like del Toro has made his craziest film yet. Thanks for reading!