Friday, March 8, 2013

Favorite Scene Friday! The Social Network

Happy Friday, Hatchlings! It's time for another special guest to do the Favorite Scene Friday honors and we've got none other than French Toast Sunday Grand Poobah Lindsay Street! Lindsay is, as her bio states, "kind of a big deal". She founded French Toast Sunday and runs it with pals Jess, Rob, Will, Marc, and Nick. When not writing reviews and columns like "The Gore Report"(yup, a feature on all things horror), Lindsay co-hosts the French Toast Sunday Podcast with her aforementioned buds. 

You can find Lindsay on Twitter @lindsay_fts.

It was a difficult task trying to pick a movie moment to be a part of the prestigious Favorite Scene Friday feature. With no set genre or category to choose from, my head was running wild with ideas. But much like deciding what restaurant to eat at or T-shirt to wear, I figured it would be best not to over think my choice. I pulled from a film that I recently purchased on Blu-ray (about a year too late) that is one of my favorite films of the last decade. The engrossing masterpiece from director David Fincher and writer Aaron Sorkin: The Social Network. To briefly gush, this is a high stakes film to begin with. One of the most talented working directors collaborating with a screenplay king on a project about the world's youngest billionaire. It wasn't exactly "the Facebook movie" most people coined it early on. It was an achievement of filmmaking at every possible level from direction to script to performances to editing to score to ... you get the picture. I'm a big fan.

The part of the film I chose to highlight might be a semi-obvious selection to some, but it's an impressive moment nonetheless. Setting the scene: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) is currently in the middle of two lawsuits surrounding the creation of the website. In this scene, he's in a deposition for the lawsuit filed by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, two twins that claim Mark stole their idea of a networking website based on exclusivity. Their lawyer has just made a point that Mark was increasingly aloof in communicating with the Winklevoss brothers about his lack of involvement in the site they contracted him to code. It's been a long day and Mark is fed up with sitting in a boardroom trying to even out fact from fiction. This happens:

FUCK. In a sea of verbal attacks throughout the film, nothing stings quite like this one. Again, all the film's elements are working at full force. The score creeping in is built to menacing perfection thanks to the now Oscar winning duo Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Unfortunately, there isn't interaction with the perfectly acted side characters but it's Eisenberg's show and he nails it. He is amazing throughout the film and this scene is a brilliant sneak peek at that. Of course, Aaron Sorkin’s writing shines as Mark delivers the classic "smart guy being a smart ass" lines that Sorkin uses frequently. The pays off is huge. I could have chosen any number of scenes from this film. There are so many well-crafted ones and others that I personally love, but this is an easy favorite. The bite left by Mark’s caustic statement gets me every time, no matter how many viewings I sit through. The setup and then Mark's delivery serve as a brilliant sucker punch to the audience. And did I mention that damn finger point?! I mime that shit right along with Jesse every single time.


  1. Love it... reminds me so much of why I really loved this movie. It was a brilliant combo of acting, writing, and editing working so well together. And yes Eisenberg nailed this.

    1. It might be my favorite Fincher film which is really hard for me to even type because Fight Club is in his filmography. They are both so different but The Social Network is just so close to flawless.

      Btw, thanks for reading!

  2. Lindsay,

    Awesome scene. Love when that tone kicks in at 0:44. It - oddly - makes me think of Carpenter's Halloween score. And Sorkin's dialogue really is great.

    One other scene that really stands out for me is at the end when Eduardo confronts Mark and Sean about being cut out of Facebook. Good stuff.

    I might be biased with this film because I love everything Fincher does. Zodiac is probably in my top 50 and Benjamin Button is a beautiful film. It's interesting to note that our last FSF guest - Pete from I Love That Film - picked a Fincher scene as well.

    Thanks for the scene! I hope you'll guest for us again someday.

    1. Yes. The score in this film is on another level. It changes everything about the movie for the better.

      That scene it fantastic as well. I love how it starts with that beautiful shot that lifts from the floor to the doors as Eduardo storms out of the office and of course, the perfection of MAAAAARRRRRC!! And every line that follows.

      I'm such a Fincher fan too. Zodiac is another film that is so damn well made. I'm also really into true crime so it has that going on too.

      No problem at all, I had a blast writing it. Whenever you need me just drop me a line!

  3. Nice write-up, Lindsay. It's always nice to have pretty women contributing in the Hatch. Certainly not my favorite Fincher film (you'd be hard pressed to convince me "Fight Club" isn't his finest work), but a very good one nonetheless. I'm currently watching "House of Cards" on Netflix and am absolutely loving the narration work by Kevin Spacey throughout . . . yes, it does remind of Edward Norton narrating "Club". Looking forward to your next contribution, assuming you're willing. Can we get some horror for that next time though?

    1. Thanks! I know it's tough to compare to Fight Club but I do think it's hanging around the top of his filmography.

      House of Cards is great and I especially liked Spacey breaking the fouth wall. It made for some of my favorite parts of the series.

      I'd love to write again and would be happy to talk horror any time. Thanks for having me!

  4. That's definitely a scene I remember. I liked several of the witty word plays in the movie. I remember being amused by the reference to the Winklevoss twins as "Winklevi".

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