Friday, March 15, 2013

Favorite Scene Friday: Animal House

Although I was never in a fraternity, I'm not the frat boy type, it didn't stop me from enjoying my fair share of keg parties and making very regrettable decisions during my extended time on campus. To be honest, my college didn't recognize Greek life, but that didn't stop the off campus parties from taking place and like every campus, at every school, in every city and town, my college had the guitar guy at each one.

Guitar guy? Yes the guy who would stroll up to the party carrying the acoustic guitar his mommy and daddy bought him one summer because they felt guilty for not spending enough time with him. It wasn't always the same guy at every party but there was always at least one guitar guy, except during those rare instances when they would forget to coordinate and two of them would show up. Talk about uncomfortable. I can just hear them in the bathroom:

Guitar Guy #1: "Dude, what the fuck! I told you I was coming to this one.
Guitar Guy #2: "Sorry man. I was so baked the other night when we talked. Plus Amy is here."

I recall a scene from Family Guy that took a swipe at this d-bag. He was strumming away, singing pointless lyrics all the while surrounded by a group of doe eyed young girls. The point of the skit was to show how guitar guy ruined the guitar.  Anyways enough about him, let me set today's scene.

It comes from the classic fraternity movie, Animal House. It's toga night and guitar guy has shown up to lure the vulnerable ladies. He's sitting on a flight of stairs encircled by a group of co-eds when John "Bluto" Blutarsky, played by John Belushi, descends towards them. Yes the same John Blutarsky that gave the inspiring speech about the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor. Well as Bluto gets closer to this wanna be crooner, he stops to take a listen and decides that he's not impressed. Then he does something that I think anyone who has ever crossed paths with guitar guy has wanted to do. I won't spoil it, but it's pretty satisfying, probably because subconsciously I'm jealous of guitar guy because I can't even play a good shitty note. I hope you had a great Friday and why don't you go get yourself green pissed drunk this Sunday. Look for me. I'll be the one with the guitar.


  1. I love that he apologizes after smashing it.

    Mike Birbiglia has a good bit on "The Guitar Guy" -

    If you play the part of The Guitar Guy on Sunday I'll be The Guitar Smasher.

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