Friday, January 18, 2013

Favorite Scene Friday!: No Country for Old Men

"You can't stop what's coming."

For today’s Favorite Scene Friday, I thought about going funny and even briefly thought about going romantic, but one movie, no, one man kept eerily creeping back into my head. He wouldn’t stop his relentless pursuit of making his way into the nightmares of all who visit The Hatch and there was no way in hell I could continue to evade him. This ruthless bounty hunter is none other than Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh, in the 2007, Academy Award winning movie No Country for Old Men.

Chigurh has to be one of the most chilling and fear inducing villains of all time. He’s cold, unforgiving, and heartless. He is the ultimate hitman. In my opinion the most frightening type of villain, because he could or better said, he probably does exist in real life.  Freddy, Jason, Michael and Candy Man are all good for a scare, but Anton Chigurh makes you question if you are really safe at night when you turn out the lights. 

Today’s scene is a prime example of this monster’s toughness. We see Chigurh driving away after serving his most recent death warrant when he is t-boned by another car. He staggers out, badly wounded, but with still enough wits and strength to patch himself up and walk away. If there are really Chigurh(s) out there, I pray that I never get on their shit lists. I hope you all have a great Friday and if any of you stumbles across a bag full of money this weekend, put it back where you found it and walk away as fast as you can.