Friday, November 2, 2012

Favorite Scene Friday!: If You're Gonna Survive, You Better Follow These Rules

It seems as though zombies are the in thing right now, maybe only second to the mustache. If it's not the insistent talk about the Apocalypse, then it's a 5K Zombie Fun Run or of course The Walking Dead, which I'll admit, I've only watched twice. I understand the fascination with the undead, hell one of my favorite movies is  The Serpent and the Rainbow, but I'm just a little unsettled by the obsession with the whole zombie craze. Here's why: I think the zombies are lulling us into a false sense of security. The big and small screens, run by zombies, have desensitized us, making us think that just anyone can kill a zombie. Meanwhile, the legions of zombies are just biding their time. So in an attempt to get your mind back in the right place and save your life, I'm gonna offer you this friendly public service and share some survival tips. If you love your family and friends like you say you do, then you'll send them to the hatch on this wonderful Friday.

Today's FSF comes from one of the best zombie movies ever, Zombieland. It has a great cast and just the right mix of gore and laughs. In this compilation Columbus, played by Jesse Eisenberg, shares some of his best tips on how to survive a Zombie Attack. I suggest you pay close attention and if you have to, watch the clip multiple times because if December 21 doesn't get you, then the flesh eating zombies will. Have a super Friday and be careful of what's lurking around the corner, it could be a hungry zombie. Will you be his dinner or get the award for the "Zombie Kill of the Week"?


  1. I can't believe I didn't watch Zombieland over Halloween. I am ashamed.

    Hey, I'm with you on Serpent and the Rainbow. It's Craven's best, by far.

    Anyways, all this zombie inundation hasn't softened me up. I live my life like everyone is infected.

    1. Sir Phobos,

      I'm glad you've kept your wits. Trust few and remember that you need more than just cardio to save your life.

  2. Love this scene! Gotta follow them rules! See you on the other side of the apocalypse!

  3. You had me at "Serpent and the Rainbow" Craven's greatest film ever. I do enjoy the zombie rules myself, and I guess the fact that anyone can kill a zombie is what might make the genre so appealing.

  4. I love the rules. Having the graphics on the screen to go along with them just adds an extra level of humor to them, especially when they interact with what's going on in the movie, like falling to pieces when the vehicle gets trashed, or re-appearing later in the movie when a rule gets applied.