Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Music Video Tuesday! The Nightmare Before Christmas: "This is Halloween"

This really isn't a music video but who the hell cares? Oogie Boogie will come get you if you make a stink.

Nothing gets me in the Halloween spirit like listening to some tracks from The Nightmare Before Christmas. And seeing as how tomorrow is the big day and I haven't listened to the soundtrack at all this year, I figured I'd post my favorite tune right here on the blog for all to enjoy.

The song speaks to the most primal fears in all of us - "the shadow on the moon at night" the monsters under the bed and the stairs - cripes.

Next year marks the film's 20th anniversary and its songs have been covered by various artists - check out versions of "Halloween" by Marilyn Manson and Panic! at the Disco below.

Really bummed that October is almost over. I'll squeeze all the fun out of tomorrow as I can, but after that I'll be slipping into my annual post Halloween funk. Hope you guys have a great All Hallows Eve!