Monday, August 27, 2012

Music Video Monday!: Band of Horses

Ben Bridwell is a perfect example of, "don’t judge a book by it’s cover." The scruffy, tattooed lead singer of Band of Horses looks like the last person who would produce some of the best harmonies in indie rock music today, but that's just what Bridwell and his band mates have done. I don’t say this about a lot of male singers, but Bridwell takes me somewhere else every time I listen to him. I don't know how to quite explain it, but if I close my eyes I can lose myself to his voice. He has a unique and soothing sound, but not like Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. Bridwell is a perfect mix of harmony, soul and very often I can hear his South Carolina roots boarding on country gold. Before I sound like a total fan girl, let me move along to today’s Music Video Monday.

I struggled this week because Band of Horses have so many great songs. If you are not aware of their catalog, I encourage you to immediately dive deep into it. I’ll help you out today by giving you three from their most recent release Infinite Arms, “Blue Beard”, “Dilly” and a live version of “Factory”. Then if you aren’t quite convinced, I’ve included the video for their first single, “Knock Knock” off of the upcoming album MirageRock, out September 18.

I’ve already pre-ordered Mirage Rock and I’m stoked because they will be performing at the House of Blues in Orlando, October 15. It won’t make up for the cancelled Kings of Leon show, but it will be awesome to finally see them live. I hope you enjoy the videos, your Monday and remember to live your soundtrack out loud.  


  1. Can't wait for Mirage Rock to come out in Sept!! I love the video they have for Knock Knock <3

  2. It's gonna be an awesome Sept. with Band of Horses, The Killers, The Avett Brothers, Mumford and Sons and Grizzly Bear. I agree the video is really cool. I like the old film style. I'd like to hear your opinion on Mirage Rock when it comes out. Thanks for the read!