Monday, July 9, 2012

Music Video Monday! Gorillaz: "Stylo"

I'm a Bruce Willis fan. From Blind Date to Die Hard to 12 Monkeys to The Sixth Sense and beyond. The guy's gonna have a hell of a 2012 once it's all said and done. He turned in a great performance in Moonrise Kingdom and he's got Looper (a flick I'm very excited for) and The Expendables 2 coming later this year.

Mr. Willis makes an appearance in this week's MVM, a short tale by virtual band Gorillaz. It's not his best or his most substantial performance butwhatthehell? I'm a pretty casual fan of Gorillaz, so I'm not sure what's happening in this video. One of them is a robot? Are they all robots? A wraith/grim reaper shows up to dispatch a donut chewing cop? Bruce Willis is some sort of vigilante? The virtual musicians have an amphibious car?

Enjoy your week, Hatchlings.

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