Friday, May 4, 2012

Favorite Scene Friday! Avengers Overload!

So I saw The Avengers last night. As of this writing I survived the cinematic onslaught, but I think the part of my brain that registers awesomeness received a lot of damage. The flick is just that good.

Anyhoo, since we’ve been writing about The Avengers nonstop for the past five months, I thought it would be fitting to celebrate the film’s release - and the flicks that came before it - by giving the series the Favorite Scene Friday! treatment. Enjoy!

Iron Man - Yeah, I Can Fly

This is one of my favorite scenes from Iron Man. It’s simple, fun, and kind of thrilling. It captures the beginnings of a superhero perfectly.

Yeah, I Can Fly
Iron Man —

The Incredible Hulk - Campus Battle


Iron Man 2 - Suitcase Suit

To be honest, I really don't have a whole lot of favorite scenes from Iron Man 2, but the one below is pretty cool.

Suitcase Suit
Iron Man 2 —

Thor - The Power of Thor

This might be my favorite scene in the whole series. It’s big, triumphant, goosebump-inducing, and there’s just something inherently heroic about it. Thor stands up to his brother, regains his father’s love, reclaims his power and proves himself to his human friends in one brave act.

Captain America - Rogers' Transformation

My favorite scene from Captain America is actually the bit near the end where he’s just waking up in the present. I love the sound of the wind and the darkness (maybe Cap’s last memories before freezing alive?), followed by the baseball game on the radio and Cap’s growing confusion.

But I can’t find that scene anywhere! So here’s Steve Rogers' transformation into Cap, also a good scene.

Well, what are you doing reading this still? Go see The Avengers for Odin’s sake! And Happy Friday!


  1. The Avengers is super, awesome amazing!!! :D
    I haven't seen Thor (very bad of me, and I really want to) and I haven't seen the Incredible Hulk, but love the scenes you picked for Captain America and the Iron Man movies. So much to love in the Avengers franchise :)

    1. Thanks for reading, Ruth! Glad you liked Avengers. And don't worry about not seeing Hulk or Thor yet - YouTube removed the scenes I posted anyway. :(

  2. I loved the bit about The Avengers burning out your awesomeness receptors in your brain. Well done. I absolutely loved the film myself. I've seen it twice in the theater and I never do that.

    1. Chip - I've seen it twice as well and I'd see it again in a heartbeat. My brain has pretty much recovered by now.

      Thanks for all the comments today!