Monday, April 23, 2012

Music Video Monday: Light Up The Week With The Lumineers’ Ho Hey!

This week’s installment of Music Video Monday comes to you courtesy of The Lumineers.  Their debut album, The Lumineers, released a few weeks ago and it is, simply put, amazing.  I read from their website that they started out in New York, but found their sound out west in Denver, Colorado.  A compelling sound it is too.  I have no doubt that they will soon explode onto the scene.  Singer/guitarist Wesley Schultz melts your ears with his Dylan-esque howl and Ritter-esque lyrics.  I’ve been listening to these guys on repeat ever since I picked up their album.  I was proud to stumble upon them and I’m excited to bring them to you as well.  I’ll be sure to keep my eyes and ears open for any tour dates hitting the Southeast and if you hear of any, please shoot them my way. 
Today’s video is, I believe, their first official video.  It’s a great song and if you like it, as I’m sure you will, you can check out a better one here.  It was a good Monday for me and I hope it was for you too.  Enjoy the rest of the week and remember to love someone along the way.  Ho.  Hey.

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  1. Don't know these guys besides what you write, like the tune, thanks for sharing!