Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Batch o’ Hatch: Con-mmunity, The Alamo’s Summer of ‘82, and Course of the Force

Here we are with another Batch o’ Hatch, this one’s all escapism/cultural events (although I did make one of them up). I’d love to hear from anyone participating in any movie, music or miscellaneous escapist activities such as these. Email me at totheescapehatch at gmail dot com or you can tweet me at @zerbert.


Community returns tomorrow night at 8:00 on NBC - can you hear the angel’s trumpets?

When the show was taken off the air fans went nuts, starting petitions and protesting outside of Rockefeller Center. And the show wasn’t even cancelled - just put on hiatus. Can you imagine what would have happened if NBC did give the show the axe?

When it was announced that Community was returning, fans rejoiced. Some expressed their excitement by making their own trailers (damn good ones at that) for the show’s return.

Community seems like the kind of show - nay, cultural institution - that’s destined for some sort of annual festival ala Lebowskifest. Think about it – a Community convention – a Con-mmunity if you will.

The activities alone would be awesome. A Community marathon in a giant blanket fort. Insane paintball matches. Secret trampolines. Some sort of dance where men have to wear pants suits. And, of course, a costume contest. The possibilities with that one are endless.

If anyone's heard of any plans for Con-mmunity - or would like to get the ball rolling on one - let me know.

Summer of ‘82

Once again proving that I’d be broke all the time if I lived in Austin, The Alamo is doing something really special this summer. Thirty years ago, the fabled summer of ‘82 hit the world, the greatest summer of movies ever. It gave us Poltergeist, The Thing, E.T. and several other amazing classics. The Alamo is celebrating this anniversary by showing these movies and more, on the weekends they were released! They’re even showing the trailers that would have played before the films!  

Course of the Force

I’m not much of a Star Wars fan when all’s said and done, but this Course of the Force event sounds like fun business. It’s an Olympic style relay race, but instead of torches it’s - wait for it - light sabers. The event is July 7th through July 11th and goes from Santa Monica to San Diego leading up to Comic Con. There’s all kinds of parties and stuff each night, put on by Chris Hardwick and the gang from Nerdist. Sounds like a blast.


  1. 1982 was indeed a strong year for cinema.
    Cult classic "The Wall" is also from summer of 82, or so it says on IMDB.

  2. @Chris - Never seen The Wall! I should definitely check it out.