Monday, November 28, 2011

Music Video Monday! The Black Keys: "Howlin' for You"

I stumbled across this music video for The Black Keys' "Howlin' for You" recently and it caught my eye, for obvious reasons (those reasons being the visual flair and cinematic touches of course).

Of course!
It's more of a trailer for a fake grind house film ala Machete (which became a real movie, hmmm) than a music video but it's not entirely inappropriate for Music Video Monday.

The "trailer" tells the story of an assassin named Alexa Wolff (Tricia Helfer, from Battlestar Gallactica) out for revenge on the man who killed her father when she was a little girl. The clip is fast and pretty funny at times and The Keys themselves show up. The numerous other cameos are cool, although I could have done without seeing Shaun White post coitus. 

Without further ado, here's  Las Teclas de Negro in "Howlin' For You".