Monday, October 24, 2011

Music Video Monday! The Shining Edition: 30 Seconds to Mars & Slipknot

Good Monday to everyone! I’m going to start the week off by cheating a little. Don’t judge me, I’m doing it for your enjoyment. As you know, we here at the Hatch usually give you one music video on Monday, but in trying to stick with The Shining theme, I couldn’t decide between two music videos that give winks to Kubrick's legendary film. Since it’s 1980 release, The Shining has had a major influence on the horror movie genre, but as you’ll see in today’s selections, it has bled into the world of music videos as well.

The first is from the theatrical Jared Leto and his band 30 Seconds to Mars and the second comes from what used to be the creepiest and heaviest metal band from Iowa Slipknot. I hope you enjoy The Shining inspired videos and remember: AlL wOrk aNd NO PlAy, MAkEs JacK A dUll BoY. If you have nothing better to do on a slow Monday, let us know which band does a better job of capturing the pure creepiness of The Shining.


  1. You know what, Jared Leto just creeps me out. Kind of looked like he wanted to make out with himself in that one scene.

    Imagery from The Shining does add new depth to this tune, however. Brings more attention to the film as well - Leto directly dealing with his dark side made me notice the twin Grady girls more.

    The Slipknot video...disturbing. I would be interested in their take on a feature length version.