Monday, August 22, 2011

A Peek Through the Hatch: Grave Encounters and Ghost Hunters

Grave Encounters, a found footage horror film about a crew of TV paranormal investigators who get trapped in a genuinely haunted psychiatric hospital, spooks its way onto VOD, iTunes and Amazon this Thursday, August 25th. Check out the film's website right here.
The trailer below looks sufficiently creepy. Hopefully this flick can balance its story with its scares, unlike another recent found footage horror I could mention (okay, it’s Atrocious).
And if Grave Encounters alone can’t satisfy your ghost jones this week, it turns out that the new season of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters - which is essentially a real-life version of Grave Encounters - will go bump in the night on Wednesday at 9:00 EST. Coincidence? Or is Grave Encounters trying to ride the Ghost Hunters wave? Read up on the show at its website right he - what’s this? An official Ghost Hunters Haunted House Finder app??? You know I’m gonna download that.

 So break out your EMF meter this week and give Ghost Hunters and Grave Encounters a chance. And then use your Ghost Hunters app and meet me at that haunted bar down the street.

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