Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Video Monday! Madonna: "Take A Bow"

For today’s Music Video Monday, I wanted to post an old favorite.  I will begin by disclosing that I am not much of a fan of 90’s pop music, or today’s pop music for that matter, but I will always be a dedicated Madonna supporter.  Take A Bow is one of her best songs.  90’s pop artist and songwriter Babyface provides background vocals, and he is about as smooth as it gets (I learned in my research that he also co-wrote the track). 

The video for Take A Bow is beautifully shot.  Set and filmed in Spain, it’s about a Spanish bullfighter Madonna’s character is deeply in love with, but tragically neglected by.  Like most of Madonna’s music videos, it’s heavily erotic (anyone else seen the video for Justify My Love?).  It’s sexy as all get out, and I can honestly say that before this, I had never seen anyone actually get it on with a television. 

While the video doesn’t skimp on the sexy, it’s also very tragic to me.  She is clearly in love and clearly heartbroken.  Of all of the beautiful imagery in the Take A Bow video, the scene I always remember is the part where she’s running, dragging her fingers along the wall.  It just stuck with me for some seemed so sad.  

All heartbreak aside, video is breathtaking and definitely worth watching.  Enjoy!