Friday, August 19, 2011

Favorite Scene Friday! Forrest Gump: Forrest and Jenny

It’s hard to pick a favorite scene from Forrest Gump, since the movie’s got a ton of them. A lot of my favorites are kind of depressing, however, and I’m not gonna do that to you guys on a Friday.

I love this scene. I think a few of us here at the blog have a thing for Tom Hanks staring up at a gorgeous sky. This scene is so bittersweet and has some beautiful imagery, and shows how great an actor Hanks is. He can somehow make a character like Forrest Gump seem wise and when he describes the little moments that he experienced in his travels and tells Jenny that she was there with him in his heart or mind or soul it’s really touching. Enjoy and Happy Friday.


  1. "He's got a daddy named Forrest just like me?"

  2. Favourite scene in Forrest Gump - everything! But that one is particularly beautiful, yes :)

  3. Thanks for reading/watching, Ruth! I agree, everything in Forrest Gump is great. It's a near perfect film for me.

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