Thursday, July 21, 2011

Now Hear This! : Some New, Some Old

So there are times when I catch a song before everyone else and then there are other times when I catch it almost a year later. Either way I'm a winner because I’ve found something new and lately when it comes to new music, I am, as the late Charlie Sheen once said, “Winning!" What? Oh he’s not dead? Oops, my bad. Anyways recently I’ve come across a naked alt/punk band getting back together, a British band trying to reach the high bar set by the Arctic Monkeys, another Canadian band the size of a small army, a two-piece similar to The Black Keys, a so called “super group” and a song & video, from October 2010, that make me wanna be a kid again. It’s always fun finding new stuff, but even better when you can pass it along to others. Enjoy and Happy listening!

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