Friday, June 3, 2011

Now Hear This!: 1,2,3

Simple Name, Cool Sound

1,2,3, a new band out of Pittsburgh headed by Nic Synder and Josh Sickels (both previously in The Takeover UK), are releasing their debut album New Heaven on June 21.

1,2,3 has that old-school vibe that has become so popular in recent years. Dr. Dog and The Mumlers, two of my favorite bands, come to mind. While I do think many bands following this musical trend tend to sound like they are trying too hard to be retro, with 1,2,3, it works. Below are a few links to some really cool stuff about 1,2,3 (including a FREE download!), as well as my favorite song by them, Riding Coach. I am definitely excited to hear their full album. Enjoy and happy listening!

Sounds Like: Deerhunter, Dr. Dog, Grizzly Bear, The Mumlers, Panda Bear

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