Thursday, January 9, 2020

January and February 2020 (or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Blogging Again")

Hi there. I'm doing a post for TV and films I'm looking forward to / will be watching in Q1 2020 (really just January and February). This is also to finally share a schedule for Fear of Better Films (see below) for the recent future! If you'd like to participate just let me know! By the way, this post was written/edited super quick and sloppy. Just gotta finally get it done! That's kind of my 2020 motto...


The Outsider - January 12

Nora from Queens - January 22

Picard - January 23


Birds of Prey - February 7

Hunters - February 21

The Invisible Man - February 28

Honorable Mentions

NOS4A2 (I started this a while back and will finish it soon)
Joker (never saw it in the theater...I'll probably watch it this weekend)

So on to Fear of Better Films.

I wrote about this a bit in my post in October but I've started a new system of watching movies (God what's wrong with me) called Fear of Better Films. I watch the first 15 minutes of three different movies and then finish the one (at least) I like best. It probably goes without saying but I started this because of the plethora of good looking films out there (the word DEARTH popped into my head instead of plethora but that's the opposite of what I meant. Really wanted to use DEARTH though...).

I might start doing a more structured schedule (not sure what I even mean by that) but for now, here are the next few rounds I've randomly selected.

  • Round 3
    • The Pool
    • Inside Llewyn Davis
    • Days of Thunder
  • Round 4
    • Take Shelter
    • My Week with Marilyn
    • The Dead Don't Die
  • Round 5 
    • Only God Forgives
    • The Discovery
    • Rachel Getting Married
  • Round 6 
    • Guava Island
    • Late Night
    • The Last Black Man in San Francisco
  • Round 7
    • mid90s
    • Major League
    • P2
  • Round 8
    • In The Shadow of the Moon
    • Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot
    • Earthquake Bird
By the way, almost all of those are available on streaming services (here in the states, anyway). I started at round 3 above because I did a few official rounds (and many unofficial) before that. And if you'd like to join along for any of these rounds, just let me know. I'm curious to see if others would decide on the same films I do. Happy Watching!

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